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My Mission to help less privilege people in the world was set up in the United Kingdom since January 2014. I have passion to give hope for the hopeless, improve life of the poor and misfortune people in Africa and the rest of the world, where most needed.

Soraya's Mission Feed the community Children Every Monday's to Friday of the week in Kaduna, Okene And Abuja Nigeria. This Mission, is to help poor parent that cannot afford to feed their children with the right nutrients that the body required in order to Perform well. Soraya's Mission believes that hunger and lack of education can lead poor vulnerable young children into becoming radicalized with the wrong groups of people with the wrong view of Religious etc, in every community.

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Help Us To Make This Possible Together We Can End Homelessness

Housing Projects For The Needy

Soraya's Mission Housing Project For The Less Privilege People

Ideal housing for a low income earnersĀ 
A free shelter homes for the unemployed homeless people including free training to empowering them towards gaining employment programs

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